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Stop by our New Showroom
and visit with our mascots

Caniche and Yoshi





Caniche, our white standard poodle is a cancer survivor
and Yoshi is an older adoption.

Poodle is puddle in German as they are duck hunting dogs.

Caniche is Poodle in French, a contraction of cainard (duck) and chien (dog)!

Yoshi is Good Boy in Japanese. 

Here's what they want you to know...

One of our beloved canine companions died of over vaccination.
Over-vaccinating your pet, is potentially life-threatening .
Ask your vet about a "titer" instead of a vaccination.

Spearheaded by W. Jean Dodds, DVM, a leading canine hematologist, visit:

The Rabies Challenge Fund


Caniche is a cancer survivor.
30% of all dogs, and 50% of older dogs die of cancer ...

There are many theories, but no answers yet. 
Treatments and medications are costly.  You can help by contacting:

Canine Cancer Awareness 

Your donations go directly to veterinarians who provide care for dogs with cancer,

whose families cannot afford treatment.


Learn about Holistic care for your dog ...
Visit with author / researcher, Jan Rasmusen at:



Yoshi is an older adoption. 

Every day, perfectly healthy dogs and cats are put to sleep in shelters...

Shelters are overloaded, so usually the older pets are considered the least adoptable.

(Yoshi was 8 years-old when he came to live with us)

Rescue a loving companion through:


A terrific site linked to many shelters, humane societies

and adoption organizations throughout the country. 




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