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Great Color, Dimmable, LED Candelabras!!

Candelabra T-25
For Library and Picture Lights:
40-watt equivalent (runs on 4-watts)
Full Glass, Clear w/ "filament"
Recommended for
Library and Picture Lights


Candelabra Torpedo
For Chandeliers and Sconces:
60-watt equivalent (runs on 6-watts)
Full Glass, Soft-white Torpedo

Recommended for
Decorative Fixtures


T-12 Bulb

Candelabra Torpedo Bulb



What is LED? An LED is a Light Emitting Diode Bulb. They are part of a family of lighting technologies called Solid-State lighting. Solid-State lighting (SSL), most commonly seen in the form of LEDs has the potential to revolutionize the efficiency, appearance, and quality of lighting as we know it. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that rapid adoption of LED lighting in the U.S. over the next 20 years can deliver savings of about $265 billion, avoid forty new power plants and reduce electricity demand by 33% by 2027.    

What is Fiber Optics? Fiber Optics is Glass Fibers that Carry Light. The fibers are usually bundled together and can be run within tubes or other conduits. The advantage is that there is no danger of electric fire and there is a tremendous savings of electricity in comparison to the light output. Once installed, fiber optic lighting is permanent and there are no bulbs to replace! It has the best light quality with virtually no drop-off compared to any other type, which is why it is used for fine art and other delicate and valuable artifacts.

What is a Xenon Bulb? A Xenon Bulb Contains a Gas that Glows like Halogen. The bulb lasts longer than halogen or standard Incandescent bulbs and burns brighter with less wattage which saves electricity. The size is also very compact so it is very useful for flashlights, headlights and small lighting fixtures.    

What is Cold Cathode? Cold Cathode is a cousin of Neon. It is mainly used in tubes that can be run long lengths without needing to
be broken up thus eliminating the shadows created by smaller tubes of fluorescents laid end-to-end. They can be custom bent for curved configurations. They are colder than fluorescent and run far longer.
The color rendition is also far superior to fluorescent and it can be dimmed.


What is Metal Halide? Metal Halide is a member of the "HID" High-Intensity Discharge family of lamps. They produce high light output for their size, making them a compact, powerful, efficient light source. Originally created in the 1960's for industrial use, they are now available in many sizes and shapes for commercial and residential use as well.


Custom Fiber Optics

The beauty of our complete turnkey design services and systems can be installed in new construction or retrofitted where electric cables cannot be used. These systems are also able to be moved as they do not require conduit and can be snaked virtually anywhere.  Special lenses and fittings of the highest quality available have been developed that can swivel 360 degrees and frame large or small art and objects. Versatile track and recessed systems are custom fabricated for every requirement. 

Recent projects include museum exhibitions, private art collections, universities and historic government buildings.

We customize, build and install to illuminate valuable and delicate artifacts, fine art and photography, without subjecting harmful rays of Ultra Violet and Infra Red. Our services and systems are also extremely eco-friendly for general ambient lighting in place of conventional, high energy lighting systems.  There is a great savings on labor and materials as there are no bulbs to change (except at the very source) and this cold system will not add to the A/C load.



Custom Linear Cold Cathode

Cold Cathode, a tube that can be continuously bent into any shape will last for an average of up to 20 years - that's over 175,000 hours! It can be set to over 20 different whites and uses half the electricity of LED's. It emits no UV, IR, and almost no heat.

NYSERDA – The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority was established by law in 1975 as a public benefit corporation. The corporation funds research into energy supply and efficiency as well as energy related environmental issues. 1.877. NY.SMART - Energy saving ideas (NYSERDA web site).

Through NYSERDA, Lampworks will do a lighting audit of your facility or residence, and will prepare a lighting proposal and cost analysis illustrating energy savings, available rebates, and tax benefits.


VBébé Regnier, Chief Lighting Designer,
has been designing with light for over 20 years

Our service will assist you to navigate the new, ever-evolving technologies.
We offer lighting design and fabrication…

Advanced LED Technology
Custom Linear Cold Cathode and Fiber Optic Systems
Custom and Specialty LED Bulbs



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